What to do in Quarantine?

So, this is one big question for lot of people right now when there is pandemic around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – what to do when in Quarantine and in Stay at Home situation.

For me, there is few things that I might do – learn new stuff from few sources. Some of them are SkillShare, Frontend Masters and Codecademy. I’m getting into more JavaScript lately, especially within NodeJS and backend for framewoks. Plus, it is nice to learn more about forntend basis in Javascript with React and React Native. I decided to learn about those because I will make some smaller web app which will be in future ported to mobile, so it is nice to learn new things.

Next thing what I decided to do is make total cleanup of house with family. Man, even if we clean some parts of house alone, somebody else might get more items there and we are again in mess. This would be perfect opportunity to make house clean as it was ever.

And finally – let us be like family for a once. Man, last time when we were together for a few days/weeks was years ago when we went to sea as family for a week.

For a final note about my vision for future with Coronavirus pandemic – don’t panic, it will be great if we practice Social Distancing and Stay at Home whenever we need to. Follow instructions from your country’s rules, don’t break them and please stay safe. If we do all things that are needed pandemic will stop and spreading will be lowered, just please stay safe.

Bonus note: Today just survived big earthquake which happened on day of writing this here in Zagreb. It was not pleasant wake up in 6:24 AM with earthquake shaking and rumbling your house and whole city and neighborhoods of city with multiple municipalities around Zagreb. Even Slovenia, Bosnia and others got some shaking because of that. My part of the city was fine, nothing was destroyed thank God and all people are fine and safe.

March 22, 2020

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