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Blog and blogging tools – comparison Blogger, and self-hosted WordPress installation

My dear readers, I know this is hard to read this announcement but … I see that many interested in my publication, in which I write and why I chose what is currently used.

Given that up to this time was not as easy as you think, I’ll compare three tools that three well-known service (OK, 2 service … WordPress has several versions so I put *.com and self-hosted WordPress ) with whom I served that I worked and wrote his announcement of blogging back in 2010-the year (ie, 2009-but these are completed and published sometime in the wind and dust Internet length).

1) Blogger / Blogspot

I know, I know … This is good tool to start blogging. But what if you start it was back in the 2009. What if then WordPress was a great mystery to me as a young web designer who has a static site, and trying out all sorts of things to put in your own blog site?

First published since then have gone to the wind (yes, I wiped the linked blog after only 3-4 months of use with 20 posts, but I’m not sorry because they were jokes and that the vast majority were copy-paste with Facebook ). Then I inserted the Web Blog via RSS Reader for HTML / XHTML. I struggled for some things but this is the smallest problem.

Returning to Blogger in 2011-well (ie it was sometime in early October), and I have since used a good 8-9 months until I used the free hosting (crappy hosting you do not want to name) and I had a few static web attempts in HTML fifth In 2012-the year I stop to use Blogger for their own blog and then I go with 2 small blogging project responding to names – Cyanogenmod 9 Croatia (starting work on a blog – May 2012-the year, completion of work on the blog – January 2013-and year, the number of posts in his blog: 52) and Jelly Bean Croatia (start work on the project – December 2012-the year, the expected completion of work on the blog – December 2013-the year, the number of posts in his blog: 83 and will be at least 5 -6 to the expected end of the project).

Since last use Blogger for a greater occasion (which was temporary accommodation of all past announcements of WP’s and Blogger as I’ve tested the beta version of WP’s) have passed 2 months.

Speed ​​websites out based on Blogger is a solid (not the fastest but can be used for beginners and unilateral bloggers).

Advantages: ease of use (interface), association with Google and Google Plus (now even bigger than before), the simple configuration of blog and its design with an intuitive interface

Disadvantages: small selection of topics for additional topics should be familiar with HTML and know how to “hack” Blogger to accept new topics, as well as the topics for specific widgets and modules need to “hack” I mode Blogger

Rating: 7/10

2) I used very briefly. The reason for this are various restrictions that exist in the free version and this is especially evident in the selection of new topics and the amount of content that you can insert into a blog.

It is true that the use was back in 2010-the year when I had some free blogging.

Today uses for Jetpack plugin for WordPress (module by Croatian), and part of it related to the collection of statistical information (in particular, the number of visits and that the publication of the most read).

Advantages: association with Jetpack for WordPress plugin, sort-of simplicity for beginners

Disadvantages: Prices for improving free version

Rating: 4/10

3) Self-hosted WordPress

Oh yes … Getting started with this was still 2010-the year when I was with the help of tutorials built in WordPress then a static site. Blog is a copy-paste of the blogger and even some other blogs to learn what it pingback and so on.

After that phase was not WP (the time for your own Blogger blog), but I quickly returned it. Of course it was related to starting your own blog on various hostinzima the course of the project Petruševec News (hopefully quick return to this project with a significant change).

Since then, and to this day I use WordPress with maybe two / three short change to another CMS to test their capabilities.

Otherwise, why I prefer self-hosted WP than Well, here are a few reasons.

  1. I can set it to any hosting that meets the minimum requirements for the installation of WordPress
  2. opportunity to test the custom theme (and versions topics if necessary)
  3. tremendous opportunities to expand (again I tried on versions of some plugins, but thank God there are free alternatives that are even better than some of the paid version)
  4. I maintain the installation of stupidity and I’m worried about the amount of content you publish (especially have to worry about hosting because it is small but it is so reliable)
  5. great multiuser support (tested on Petruševec News portal and now on E-Portal page)
  6. WordPress Multisite -> one installation of WordPress for more accommodated beneficiaries who are on their own subdomain with its own design and choosing their own modules / plugins (the best example of this is Večenjak Blogosphere maintained by Blagonić Brothers – trusted WP masters)

Advantages: there’s too much (just customize your own needs is a huge plus), WPMS (Multisite instalation)

Disadvantages: tricky for complete beginners and people who need it simple blog system (can be bypassed with playing with the settings and add-on modules)

Rating: 9/10

I hope I have this little revelation explained why I was already quite long to WordPress and do not plan to change for anything else (except maybe for some good WP clone, if it’s ever existed)

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Posted on: September 23, 2013
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