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Hello all. As you all might saw in last couple of weeks, this personal blog was moved from authors main web site to this, smaller but still functional web site and domain.

So, what happened? Why it is moved to this domain which was as title of page says – Blog Archive where was no new posts for a while.

Reason to move out of main and primary domain was to clear out private web site from all “BS” that was on it. Now that domain and site is mostly for Portfolio works and brief “CV” style of site which can be moved easily from host to host, and what is most importantly – it is loading fast, I mean, really fast.

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Now, after bit of joke and funny gif, back on to serious note – what will be going with this blog domain.

What it will be, well… Here goes my honest opinion and big update – it will be back on track with semi-regular posts like once or twice a month. There might be only one post, or there might be two or more that all will depend on topics that I would like to cover.

For instance, there is a topic which is in Draft for almost 5 months now and it is topic of moving out of Adobe Creative Cloud mess and Apps. It is too long in Draft just because I couldn’t bother to finish my updates on how I ditched Adobe apps one by app, I wanted it to be in final shape of – well I moved out and have Adobe CC 2015 on my backup machine for rare occasions but, it is not still ready. I need to GTFO even that app, and that take me a while for now, especially because I’m still looking for some features which one app still doesn’t have but I’m looking to buy it.

Another topic which is in early Draft right now is a big update in testings of Caching Plugins for WordPress and what is best solution to make your web site going fast. I know that recently I made small how to guide, but it isn’t perfect and I’m honest with that. Now I have found few things which might be really useful for everybody but I’m working on some finishing touches which may take a while because of personal life and moving out to new horizons which are arising. That would be nice topic to write, but right now it is still to early to write about it.

So to summarize it at all – Blog is moved here, for last time I swear. Original Web Site is right now Portfolio and “Official”Web Site and there might be few more projects arising with my name or surname somewhere (hint: GitHub Pages).

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Posted on: February 25, 2020
Last edited on: February 2, 2022