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Bootloops and bricks

So, you all might ask one thing right now:

Hey, why bricks and what the fuck is bootloop? I never experienced it on any device.

First of all, first part would be answered soon, and fit second question answer is – don’t lie bitch, you had an bootloop but you just removed battery and reinserted it back.

That is an bootloop. Problem which most heavy duty experimenters like me had on phone.

Latest bootloop was before couple days ago on Doogee when stupid plugin managed to stop booting Xposed Framework. I was pissed off at the moment, but still after some research I found problem and fixed it.

And finally what is a brick. Well, no one wants bricking phone. Brick happens when you flash wrong firmware to device. Also happened to me and I fixed it with reflashing ROM which have all OTA updates in it.

In short: all of us had at least one bootloop but we hate it. What we hate more are bricks. Nobody want bricked phone without help to it.

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Posted on: May 21, 2016
Last edited on: February 1, 2022