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Alright, this post might be wired for my blog, but trust me when I say this – it is fine, this is just my way of thinking while developing, designing and finally publishing web site and web projects.

So, step number 0 for me is research. Yes, for me this step is most of the time important because lot of reasons. For example here is one demo project which I created lately for testing purposes for job application.

For this project I got something about 3 hours of theme which to use and then after theme and features research get to phase where I research and look for similar projects to see ideas which I may or may not use in project.

After that I get to step number 1 – on paper Sketch or in Photoshop/Illustrator just to get some idea what I want I how I want it. For this part it can get really messy. I mean seriously. Like for project – sketches got really messy and even I couldn’t find some early ideas because I have put papers in wrong bin so yeah. It was really messy to get old ideas – even digital copy was to be honest crappy shot with then my current device – Huawei P9 Lite. Yeah, designing was mess but still, this is for me most annoying part of design which I had to work as solo designer and developer.

Now projects can be moved from design to working project in step number 2 – local development. In this part I can do lot of stuff from testing design, testing plugins and custom code and finally – creating content which can be moved to next step.

That step number 3 is Staging Development and Testing on real server. It is most of the times on server where project will be hosted. Reason why that is important is simplified testing after all of this mess. Plus here I can tweak what is needed and later on this Staging setup is useful for testing updates on real machine without hassle of making issues where update can crash whole site (happened few times in early days of development without knowledge about Staging server/Staging setup) on Production.

And finally, step number 4 is migrating from Staging to Production part which is moving files, folders and database to separate installation. Here I can fix latest problems which can be found and this is it.

Step 5 is to enjoy in work and use Staging version of site to test future updates and try fixes for problems which may be found later on.

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Posted on: August 27, 2019
Last edited on: February 2, 2022