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Doogee Y100 Pro – First impressions

Just one note: this is not a review per se, this are just my first impressions on this device after almost of week using it (6 days of use to be precise).

So let’s start with unboxing. I was pleasantly surprised when I found device already in protective case (transparent hard shell) and with screen protector on it. I still didn’t replaced that stock protector and I’m using phone with it.

In box I also found USB cable (1.5 metres long ~ 4.1 feet long), power brick (5V @ 1A), earbuds (flat cable one with solid bass and treble), another screen protector and finally documentation which I didn’t read.

For a first start I was shocked that it doesn’t had device setup apk installed and ask setup need to be done manually. For me it is not big deal, but for somebody who used let’s say Galaxy phone it would be:

What the f***, how should I do first time setup of phone?

Well you can all things do trough Settings. And first thing that I did was setting up my main Google account, checking for OTA updates which took me about half an hour with 5 OTA’s from original firmware that came with it.

After doing OTA and all of updates from Play Store it was time to root it and install custom recovery. This was simple as downloading zip file with root (SuperSU), booting into stock recovery, flashing zip file and rebooting device. After that I just installed Flashify application from Store and flashing TWRP aka custom recovery.

Last major thing that I did was installing different launcher (Nova Launcher Prime), Xposed Framework and one module called GravityBox.
In daily usage I don’t see any freezes or major stuttering in UI or in applications that use in daily basis.

Battery life is just fine. With this 2200mAh battery it can survive all day surfing on WiFi and listening music with average of 3.5 hours of SOT. Longest SOT was yesterday when battery died (I wanted to get battery at 0%) with 4.5 hours of SOT. Not bad at all.

Now to the cameras – they are fine, nothing special but they are OK. Flash isn’t something good, but it is OK for my usage. OK, it is a bit less powerful then on LG Spirit but still can’t say anything wrong about it.

Overall after this short amount of time with phone I can say that it isn’t best-buy for price range (~100-150$ and this depends from store to store which sells it) and that there can be found better phone for that price. One example is Xiaomi Redmi 2 or maybe Meizu M2 (not Note edition).

More detailed review should be written after a month of usage which is just fine for better testing of battery life and cameras.

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Posted on: May 5, 2016
Last edited on: February 1, 2022