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Follow-Up on Chasing Ways for Perfect Page Speed Score

As you might saw in post Chasing Ways for Perfect Page Speed Score in the end in update I wrote that after changing links to latest Speed Test Results I would had to write quick Follow-Up with new discoveries, so here we go.

First and now most important thing o chase isn’t Fully Loaded Page Speed, it is TTFB or in easier way said, Time to First Byte. As of end of last month (February) and begging of this one (March) Google started to prefer faster TTFB.

So as you might see from Screen Shot down below from Google’s own Page Speed Test, they prefer fast FCP (First Contentful Paint) which include TTFB. If TTFB is slow, then FCP would be slower by significant Margin. This is especially important if most of your visitors get from mobile phones where every second and every byte is important.

As you might see in this image, FCP median is around 1.1 seconds which is right in way that GTMetrix Tools say that TTFB is less then 300ms which is great. Keep in mind that for faster TTFB you would need fast and optimized server, probably VPS of some kind.

As conclusion if this short and now more informative post I would say this few notes.

Number one – optimize server because TTFB is mostly related with server optimization of loading scripts.

And number two – optimize your web code, it is also important.

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Posted on: March 23, 2018
Last edited on: February 2, 2022