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Handball euphoria

Oh boy, it is on it. “Cowboys”* are running up in European Championship onto Gold medal 🏅.

Aaand there is one lost match, sorry Sweden but now I wouldn’t use your Postal Service (post coming soon about delivery stories).

OK, enough for this weird intro here is what is going on. So, in Croatia, from 12.01.2018. up to 28.01.2018. is EHF Euro which is in 4 cities (Split, Poreč, Varaždin and Zagreb). Croats are pumped up about Croatian matches, and not so much about other matches. But, guys you were wrong. Even Slovenians and Macedonians got bunch of Handball fans here in Croatia. Damn, even Slovenian coach Vujović made problems after his player Blagotinšek got red card with weird block in last seconds of match with Germany. Oh boy, just don’t call match with Macedonia and referees which today (20.01.2018.) made a lot of good decisions on match with Croatia versus Norway where they “kicked” Slovenia out. Man, Slovenians are one of hard core players.

So, what about Croatia. Well, first match was with Serbia. It was emotional in Split’s Spaladium Arena. But, however even if it was emotional it is easy win for Croatia. Next match was with island which were more difficult but still we won. And then, oh boy – Sweden. Yeah, first lost match for tournament. My opinion for that match is that our goalkeepers were bad that day after two wins.

No matter what, Croats are now in Second round of tournament also known as Main Round in Zagreb’s Arena, and right now we won Norway 32:28 with perfect goalkeeper – Ivan Stevanović. Yeah, match with Bulgaria is just to forget how we got win. IMO we were still bad after lost match.

What’s next? Well, next match is France and after that if we decide to kick their ass down – semi-finals and finals so we can get last Gold medal which is missing in collection – Euro Gold.

*”Cowboys” – nickname for Croatian Handball Representation which you can follow on Twitter with Handle @HRSTwit

Post is updated: 20. January 2018 with some fact edits and getting note on nickname for Croatian Handball Representation

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Posted on: January 20, 2018
Last edited on: February 1, 2022