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How it is to switch CMS?

CMS – One abbreviation for Content Management System. It can be used for lot of things. I have mostly is used it for web development and design, but it can be used for ERP, CMS for Business portals etc.

So, in short it s – how it is to switch from one big CMS (namely WordPress) to smaller hacker based JAMStack based CMS (Jekyll with HTML5, CSS & Vanilla JS for design) after years of usage that big CMS.

For me, it was – well bit seamless because I started conversion of web site from CMS to static web site back in end of March – early April of this year. When I started designing web site I had switched couple of designs, and finally decided to this one. It is based on modern CSS features like grid layout without lot of media queries, Vanilla JavaScript with ES2017 markup and without any kind of jQuery. I know, I know – jQuery is still a thing, and JavaScript Frameworks are a thing, but well – I’m cheap-stake and I want web site to be as smallest as possible and fast to load on any kind of mobile network.

Now when web site is finished about 90% it is for me a clean and simple migration. Only thing that I miss are plugins. Yup, now I miss some plugins from WordPress for managing and creating forms, adding lightbox (which I actually had implemented using pure CSS, but don’t use right now) and other things which are useful for some people. Some plugins can be implemented in some way, shape or form using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (most of features use jQuery which s*cks), but others are not built still for Serverless.

Next move for this web site is integration of better PWA, maybe AMP feature and finishing of SEO things which is sort-of necessary in today web world.

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Posted on: May 11, 2019
Last edited on: February 2, 2022