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Legalization of illegal…

Lately I notice the emergence of new happenings in the society… Specifically looking globally more people to have legitimate software or perhaps a game. Until some time ago it was different and what was it people started to happen I will try to explain.

As many of you see in Croatia and in the world to implement various anti-pirate campaigns. I smell all the work of the NSA (National Security Agency) and BSA (Bussines Software Alliance) in cooperation with big companies like EA, Valve, Microsoft but with many other companies. But why do they do it damn. Not everyone has money to buy a license from a few thousand dollars ($$$).

I think it is time digital download content. Some find it more cost-effective than buying optical media (CD/DVD). I personally prefer download than optical media that can be destroyed. But the question still stands, what to buy when there is an illegal market called PirateBay and team… Is not it better to save money and buy a new monitor, for example, but give say 1500kn for Microsoft Office that I need once a month. Frankly, if outside should only Word have free alternatives (LibreOffice and OpenOffice as an example).

OK, I understand that the people who really need to buy a license to work eg Office and Windows, and maybe even a lot of other software. But what on earth the little people like me stoked if you want something legitimate and not something you can afford. One reason to see it in better with the technical support services. Another reason for this is the possibility of a free upgrade to a newer version. The best example of this is Windows 8th Many are mad for $ 20 worth upgrading from Windows Vista/7 so that they would have better support in the future. Are regretted… I think not because Microsoft is pleasantly surprised with a free upgrade to Windows 8.1. Pretty cool!?

When it comes to students, it can be said that technical colleges give their students a free license for Windows, VisualStudio (license for the Ultimate version costs about 3000 HRK) and some server and professional development applications whose value rises up to several thousand dollars ($$). The best example of this is the TVZ and course LabVIEW graphical programming. Well folks know that one LabVIEW license is not at all cheap…

When it comes to games, there are two opposing sides. One of these advocates originals and free (free2play) games. They will always among the first to buy the game on release day no matter what the pirates say that the game is garbage. They will always give you $40 (sometimes $60) that would have come out as soon as the original. Such hate sales on Steam because they think that then the pirates are trying to legalize their illegal collection of games. I just have an opinion that sales and actions contribute to the number of sales of some games. Also ” hardcore ” legit users hate Hubmle Bundle because there are not getting good games but only indie titles … In part, they are right, but I think they are in the wrong … Are you this summer action with Origin titles such as SIMS 3 + few DLC’s, Batllefield 3, Medal of Honor, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space 1 and 3 as well as some smaller games that are sufficient for approximately $5 (which was quite for getting the whole pack with BF3) can get a collection of games worth $150 if not more. And here’s a recent example : Humble Bundle Warner Brothers game with two GOTY games (Batman Arkham Asylium and Arkham City), LOTR, and even some DLC’s were profitable for $5.

On the other hand, are an abomination to me pirates. They want everything they have and people from the originals but without paying. This is partly because sometimes good to try the game and if you should buy it (usually in action). But also, from my perspective I think it is sometimes better to play pirated single-player than give $ 30 for garbage game. No hard feelings but I think I will buy BF4 SP works and works upgraded MP, which is the same as on BF3.

If you ask me how I feel about piracy, I will say only this: I’m trying to legalize as many as possible of applications and games, but it certainly will not give 1500kn Office of stores for private use when there are activators of pain roll where they are used. For games that are worth’ll give you some money and only if the action / sale and if you are in any type Humble Bundle Pack. So much of me on this subject, I’d like to hear your opinions in the comments.

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Posted on: November 28, 2013
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