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New smartphone user – Baby steps

As on beginning of this post somebody might ask

Hey, why it is called new smartphone user? You are using smartphone for 5 years now?

To answer this questions – yes I’m smartphone user for 5.5 years now, and it is called that because it would be journey of moms learning how to use smartphone in daily basis.

This is post about her first week of phone usage. Let’s begin.

So day 0 as I like to call it. This was her first 1.5 hours of usage. In this first 1.5 hours of usage she learned how to unlock phone using back buttons and lock it that way. Also she learned how to unlock it using smart wake feature called double tap to wake. She is mostly using this feature for last 2 days.
She also had education from sister and me in few other things that she is using for last 2 days.

At the start of day one she managed to see that she is using QWERTZ keyboard layout (note: in Croatia we use QWERTZ, not QWERTY layout) not old phone style of keyboard. After all she have 50 years and this is her first real smartphone (already used old LG Optimus One, but with old phone style of keyboard and with Big Launcher and that was only for a few days while she was waiting until her old Samsung phone get back from service center).

Another thing that she learned is how to set up an alarm for good morning. That was easiest step in learning curve.

Day 2 – was pretty much same as first one, but today she learned how to make pictures (and no selfies for now).

Day 3 – this was day when she discovered number pad in Google Keyboard. It was show when she wrote message to sister with her latest grade in math (or chemistry I’m not sure), but I know that was hilarious. Sister laughed for 10 minutes. What a day 😉

Day 4 – mom found that I actually installed WhatsApp to her phone. Damn mom, I didn’t wanna to find that so early. You still need to learn more about long press on something. Anyway, thanks mom now sister can’t have any profile photo that she wants (sarcasm at best 😁). And yeah, she also learned how to add new contact. Fast learning in one day.

Day 5 – boy, do I need to mention one thing that was new ? She found emojis in Google Keyboard. Now we are dead with them.

Day 6 – mom who told you to activate mobile data and use WhatsApp on job. Seriously why… Now your battery would drain even faster then before (even trough I set some battery saver config for regular day to day usage without 3G/4G LTE)…

Day 7 – did somebody say that she is now in new category called Child steps 😉 . That’s right, she managed to pass baby steps on smartphone and now she is regular smartphone user.

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Posted on: May 3, 2016
Last edited on: February 1, 2022