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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500D Review

Samsung Galaxy Mini is one of the two mobile phones from Samsung Galaxy series. This model emphasizes that it is one of the best for its price range (up to 1200kn).
Before starting to write Review I would like to show its specifications (which are supplied with the GSM Arena website).I will briefly list some details that are not written on GSM Arena. One of them is that NO mobile NFC technology (NFC has the S6500). The second is that there is not custom ROMs for it on xda-developers forum (have 2 but they are modified originals, waiting for CM7 and / or CM10). The third thing is that the phone can overclock up to 1.2 GHz with the help of an appropriate kernel).
So the cell phone package comes with a charger, USB cable, instructions and additional removable mask (mine was yellow). Headphones are not obtained, but since the phone has a standard 3.5mm headphone socket it comes to expressions.
Since it is a mobile phone which is a price to rank 1200kn, we can expect that the mobile phone of poor quality. Even on the contrary, the mobile is well made and is suitable to be easy to hold in your hands. Accommodation keys is standard and is taken with Samsung’s strengths model (eg Galaxy S II).
The screen size of 3.2 inches has a good display of color indoors, while the exterior display significantly weaker (it is necessary to use lighting to 100% to see the work on the device.)
The device features a camera of 3Mpix. It is good for images with good light, while the photo where the theme is darker picture quality is worse because there is no cell phone flash. I’ll ignore since this device with niskobudgetnim start.
OS which uses a version of the Android Gingerbread (2.3.6 to be exact). I have experience of OS failure of T-Mobile branding at the beginning of the ignition device and powered the device off. The interface has been enhanced with Samsung’s TouchWiz 4 starter and widgets. Samsung has announced that by the end of this year to issue Android Jelly Bean to this device (version 4.1.1 with new TouchWiz 5 interface).
The device is due to the features and specifications very fluid and fast (no Lagg in some applications in the interface itself).
Feedback devices (overall) is 9/10 The reason for this assessment is the lack of flash.
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Posted on: October 8, 2012
Last edited on: February 2, 2022