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Switching phones – Part 1

Oh boy it is tough to write about this topic, especially when you still didn’t bought new phone. But even trough my phone is chosen and it is cheap process would take some time. Why you as reader might ask?

Here are 3 things that need to be done before getting new device.
Note: all opinions are mine so if you do in different order that is fine, but this is just my way of doing things.

First and the most important thing is – BACKUP, BACKUP and again BACKUP! Why backup you might ask? Reason for that stay that I hate data loss (and most of us hate it too) especially when it is important one like contacts and passwords for accessing applications which you use.

I know what you think –

But Marko, contacts have backup daily to your Google/Microsoft/Apple cloud services, why worry about that.

Reason for that is simple – in early 2011 I lost about 25 contacts while I was switching from feature phone to smartphone. You all might think that is not a big deal, but for me it was. Those contacts didn’t properly backed up from SIM card to phones internal storage. It was time when Sony Ericsson had used proprietary cable to charge phone and connect it to PC. Eventually I lost data cable so I moved contacts from old device to new one which was LG Optimus One using Bluetooth. That was a major loss in my contacts history. That 25 contacts was about half of contacts list. Other half was fine because of SIM card contacts which was made back in 2007. Good old memories and times when you had feature phone with only SIM card contacts saving. Anyway – backup is a key, no matter what phone you use. I know that my sister still saves contacts to phone storage so backing up his phone is a hard thing.

Step number two is to clone all of images and videos that you need to some cloud storage solution. In my case I’m safe because for almost 2 and half years all of images and videos are backed up to Google’s cloud also known as Drive.

And the final step is to do factory reset of phone. Not just from settings, I highly recommend to do that using flash tool from manufacturer. For instance as Samsung owner I did it using Odin and now as LG owner I would do that using LG Flash tool. Maybe those tools aren’t 100% official from manufacturer but they work fine for all of flashing purposes.

Next time on blog I would write procedure for setting up phone after switching to it.

Also be ready for blogging series about one man who would finally switch from feature phone to a smartphone (hint: mother)

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Posted on: April 27, 2016
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