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Switching phones – Part 2

Well this was fast post part 2 so shall we start with one announcement – review of Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro is coming in next couple of weeks. Now, let’s say what are my 3 most important things when switching phones.

First and foremost – adding Google accounts in phone. You all maybe ask

Jeez why ACCOUNTS, why not only one account?

Reason for that is that I have couple of separate Google accounts for separate things. For instance one of accounts is for college mail’s, one is for checking private mail’s and server updates. One account is my main and on that is all contacts backup and also 95% of purchases on Play Store.

That is reason for at least 3 accounts connected to phone. Sometimes I link college Exchange mail and mail for collaborative YouTube account. That is just me.

Second thing is installing all of apps that I use regularly. There is about 30 apps which varies from communication to productivity applications. And all of apps are official (OK there are couple apps that can have good alternative but I’m lazy to search for it).

And as final step I would like to call setting up all of applications to my preferences. This can take me couple of days easily.

Bonus step: rooting device. Yup it’s just me. Current device is rooted, Xposed is installed and there is installed only one module – Gravity Box [LP].
This would be my procedure for setting up new device (like this Valencia 2 Y100 Pro).

For next month I would write about one thing and that is mom’s struggle to learn how to use smartphone. I think that would be easy switch from feature phone to smartphone (that I just think because she already used smartphone for some time, but that was before Android 5.x and on device with 3.2″ screen).

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Posted on: April 30, 2016
Last edited on: February 1, 2022