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Windows 7 vs Windows 8 – comparison

Windows 7 .. What to say about this charming operating system (except of praise) that is as fast as the old hardware …
And if Windows 7 is nice, then what is Windows 8 (based on Microsoft’s logic, this should be a complete flop) … Windows 8 is the best combination between tabletisation and desktops (for Modern UI) …Comparison of the two original operating system begin with a brief statement of the specifications of the computer …

CPU: Intel Core i3 2100@3.2 GHz
Motherboard: ASRock H61M-VS Ivy Bridge universal compatibility with BIOS
Graphics Card: Palit GeForce GT 440 with 1GB DDR3 memory
RAM: 4 GB (1 * 4GB)
Disk drive: 500 GB Seagate Baracuda split into two partitions
Other hardware: CoolerMaster enclosure with built Corded than 450W, DVD-RW optical drive manufacturer unknown, km120 Logitech keyboard and mouse set, Minton MWC 7105 webcam, Bluetooth 2.0 adapter unknown manufacturer (older device)

As you can see from the attached configuration is solid to run Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems and for their virtualization since the processor has Intel VT-x virtualization support).

Because I stated the basis for a comparison test operating systems (note: these versions of the operating system: Windows 7 Professional SP1 without modification, and Windows 8 Professional RTM).

1) Speed ​​bootable

After installing both operating systems, we see that Windows 7 starts for (on average) 20 seconds, whereas Windows 8 raises for approximately 5 to 8 seconds faster (ie approximately 12 seconds).

Therefore, here goes advantage of Windows 8

2) Consumption of RAM memory and hard disk space

In both operating systems, memory consumption is identical, and revolves around 650MB in standby mode. Regarding consumption of memory on a hard disk it is approximately equal to (mean about 17GB).

Here is a case unsolved and there are no winners.

3) compatibility with hardware

In the case of Windows 7 operating system, I have to install all drivers (or one piece harwarea except webcam) were not supported (at least I have a DVD with all required drivers). The case of Windows 8 is different in many ways. Firstly the system during installation recognized all the hardware (except for the sound card, for which the driver is installed later).

The advantage here goes Windows 8 (and deservedly so).

4) Other

Oh what to say but here is a deserved winner of Windows 8 Namely, he has the support to set up the disk image (in ISO format) to a virtual optical drive (for these are the previous operating systems had instaliravati additional programs), then has improved User Account Control (much better compared to Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems). The next advantage is that it has a built in program for reading electronic mail (Windows 7 has launched this program).

So Windows 8 is in many ways better than its predecessor, so I place the main operating system let him (I got ga over Dreamspark Premium program broadly legally).

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Posted on: September 4, 2012
Last edited on: February 2, 2022