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Windows 8 RTM – first impressions

Windows 8 is the latest in a series of Microsoft operating system for desktop computers. In this version added support for ARM processors and tablet computers, but the version for ARM processors called Windows 8 RT and will include Microsoft Office 2013 installed in it. Desktop versions are Core, Professional and Enterprise versions (Core Windows 8 without any marks end 8-wire, and this is the Windows 8 Starter or Home Basic).And what about Windows that they have with their custom interface for the tablet computer, and have the possibility of a real desktop OS. The first impression on the Windows 8 was whoa … At least until they went out first leak of Windows 8 (early build aka beta) it’s Windows 7 with several new features. Now that it has come to Metro UI (new Metro UI is called Modern UI or Windows UI more nor I do not know the name of the interface) Windows got an advantage over Windows 7 and a previous version. Of course it is necessary for Windows 8 big screen (although the 17 “quite comfortably perform most operations on the desktop and the Metro UI interface).

So with Windows 8 hang out of the first beta version and I can say that it is the best incarnation of the RTM of Windows 8 (especially with the interface and complicated by activation). After skepticism at the Consumer Preview with Metro UI-operation (there were tweaks and modifications to bypass) and the gradual expulsion from the Start menu using I got used to the Developer Preview, and only the preview I saw Relase Absolutely opportunity to work on Windows 8.

A RTM, it’s a different story. Installation and connection with Microsoft’s user account (ex Live ID and / or Hotmail account) is very fast. Even the installation on my computer passed within “biscuit.” Activation was a problem with leaked versions. Of course with the Evaluation version activation is passed automatically (as in adapting the system to activate the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation). Of course I’m looking forward to Windows 8 comes to Dreamspark Premium and download it for free and legally.

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Posted on: August 18, 2012
Last edited on: February 2, 2022